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Volunteers and Supporters like you make the difference for our Youth Programs


May — We were able to get in touch with the Veterans of Foreign wars and ask them to help volunteer and to see if they know of any veteran who is in need of an emergency Cibus Box. We got some great feedback! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak to all of you! And thank you for your service!

February – May — Volunteers started to come out in Full Force from Alternative Sanctions Unit here in Washington County, ARC of Washington County, Maryland, Sheperdstown University in West Virginia have graciously offered up some great volunteers to help us get things cleared away and ready for the garden and bike repair program! Would you or your group like to volunteer? Sign up today!

March — We received Bike Donations that are slightly damaged but that is why it is a Bike Repair Program and not a Bike Giveaway Program! We still need items to get this underway. Have received some great seeds and small hand tools!

February — Applied for Permitting for the workshop area to be done! The current area is not too safe for younger kids anymore, so Clarks Construction offered to help supervise once permitting is approved!

For the Garden Program we still need lots of items!


Youth Garden Program

For the Bike Repair Program we still needs lots of items!

Here at Cibus Mission we believe that sustenance for all starts with the Youth! We have a Youth Garden Program during the summer months, and we want to launch 2 other programs: Youth Bike Repair Program and Youth Sewing Program. If you like the programs do or plan to do, please consider supporting our work.

Youth Garden Program

The Youth Garden Program focuses on teaching inner city youth from ages 8-17 how to grow their own vegetables and providing a meal while in the program, The classes will be for 10-12 weeks. Taught twice a week.

Youth Bike-Repair Program

We want to launch the Bike Repair Program to help the Youth learn how to repair their bike and learn a technical skill that will help them learn to solve many mechanical issues, and this can also be used as a way of making money if they choose to pursue this as a technical career.

Youth Sewing Program

In the age of fast fashion and disposable outfits, our Youth have lost the knowledge of how to replace a button or fix a broken zipper or adjust their favorite outfit that doesn’t quite fit. In past generations, sewing a button was a common learned ability and we believe that it is a skill that will give pride back to what you wear and hopefully make the fast fashion trend become a thing of the past.

Want to donate to cover meal prep and flatware, dinnerware and misc. supplies of items needed for the program?

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