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Fill Blessing Boxes with Love: Volunteer, Donate, and Sponsor to Change Lives Today!

If you are looking for charities to donate to that will use every penny you send towards our charity programs by using 100% volunteers, look no more: Cibus Mission uses all the direct donations and contributions for our programs which is why this year alone, we have been able to donate over 14,000 food items and about 100 hygiene kits.

We also provide meals to the homeless when traveling to the blessing boxes.

These blessing boxes are a microfood pantry on a post providing not only sustenance but privacy while going through hard times is a privilege not often available when in need of food. These boxes don’t require ID or a photo op, this is just taking what you need, when you need it most. That is why we work hard to fill boxes weekly together with the help of our volunteers we are able to travel upto 55 mile radius from our organization.

We strive to use our donations for the community here in Maryland and surrounding West Virginia and Pennsylvania area.

Within 24 hours, these boxes are empty! Please support our efforts to keep filling these blessing boxes and helping our community.

If you’d like to volunteer, please consider emailing info@cibusmission.org or filling out this volunteer form! Thank you!

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