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Welcome to Cibus Mission

We believe in Love, Community and Compassion, which we believe in Cibus (sustenance in Latin) for all at a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level.
In a world abundant with Cibus (sustenance at all levels), we recognize the profound spiritual significance of sharing those blessings with those in need.
At Cibus Mission, our commitment as a 501(c)(3) charity is to address the issues of sustenance at a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level, grounded in the belief that every person is sacred and deserving.

The Cibus Mission Team

See all our sponsors and donors that have helped us grow and stand with Cibus Mission
Our future site for funeral, burial and memorial services. By donating land you can be part of the Legacy of Natural Burials.
We have many free Educational Programs both online and in-person. Most of our programs are free for the students.
Learn about our hunger-relief programs, here is a picture of a box of sweet bread in packages of 6 slices each (lemon flavor) that we gave away at our table.
If you would like to officiate weddings, by becoming a minister through our online ordination process, you can click here to learn more. We also offer a Featured officiant option.
Our Featured Officiant Option shows off who you are as an officiant in your state as well as on the Featured Officiant Page. We also will include you as a pinned member in our Facebook Group.

Our Beliefs:

Unity in Diversity
We recognize that our global community is composed of diverse language, cultures and circumstances. We commit to fostering an environment where these differences are respected and celebrated. That is why we believe that love is love. And a consenting adult should be able to marry another consenting adult.
Equity and Justice
We affirm that every individual deserves access to Cibus, regardless of their socio-economic status, geographical location, or background.
Stewardship of Resources: We understand that our planet’s resources are finite, and we embrace responsible consumption and production practices. By reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting sustainability at a physical, emotional and mental level, we ensure that future generations are empowered through Cibus.
Empowerment and Education: We believe in empowering communities with the knowledge and skills needed to have Cibus in their lives. We believe that all who are called to serve as an ordained minister should be able to become what they have felt compelled to do.
Collaboration and Partnerships: We commit to forging alliances among governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our vision of a world where they believe in sustenance for all. By combining our efforts, we can amplify our impact and overcome the challenges that stand in the way of universal sustenance.
Compassion in Action: We pledge to extend our compassion beyond words and into actions that alleviate hunger at a mental, emotional and physical level. We volunteer our time, share our resources, and educate our brothers and sisters.
Resilience and Adaptation We vow to adapt, innovate, and develop resilient systems that can withstand challenges while safeguarding Cibus.
Cultivating Gratitude: We cultivate gratitude for the nourishment we receive and the interconnected web of life that sustains us. By nurturing this seed through offerings and teachings we will one day reap what we sow as we grow together.
Eradication of Stigma: We recognize that as believers in Cibus, we will feel persecuted, mocked, criticized, shamed, insulted and more for our beliefs. We strive to eliminate the stigma associated with this through showing sustenance is real and therefore Cibus is real and fostering an environment where those in need can access sustenance without shame or guilt.
Vision for Tomorrow: We hold a collective vision of a world where every child, woman, and man wakes up and has Cibus in their lives, that they recognize Cibus and the Cibus Mission. Through our unwavering dedication to this creed, we work tirelessly until our shared dream becomes a tangible reality.


Marriage is valued in the Cibus Mission between 2 consenting adults that have determined that they belong together. Through difficulties and successes, through wealth and poverty, through joyous occasions and unimaginable sadness. Marriage is a valued bond between 2 consenting adults that form an entire new family, an extended family,, a larger family and more reasons to celebrate and bring the world ever so closer together.

When we pass, we want our bodies to be buried. For us, we are becoming one with sustenance. But if you choose other options, you have still worshipped during your life span and we, are thankful and appreciative of you being part of the Cibus Mission. We will come together as Cibus Mission, a community to provide you the support you need.
We believe in natural burials where the vessel is your choice, no embalming, but the burial is a way you can give back to Cibus after all that you have received.

Death is never easy and is not only a personal struggle but also effects an entire population directly and indirectly. We want to be as supportive as possible in this very difficult time. In the future we would not only like to provide affordable burial grounds but also grief counseling because no one should have to face unmeasurable pain alone. If you would like to donate land or volunteer, please contact us directly.

Youth Cibus School Education:
We plan to provide education on Cibus in the form of what is known as active religious education, we plan to do activities with the youth and educate them about Cibus while they are actively participating in various educational programs.


If you look up the simple definition of Cibus, in Latin, Cibus means Sustenance… Since time immemorial, we have always relied on Cibus to provide for all. We have seen times become increasingly more difficult and we need Cibus in our lives now more than ever. Some may not believe in the power of Cibus. But we believe in Cibus and in you!

Our Founder & Guide Denise Cintron didn’t know it but a winter’s day in January of 2021 she finally understood the power of Cibus. It came to her as the tiniest ball of energy, of light you can imagine. And at that moment she knew that she needed to spread the word about Cibus she became our Guide Cibus came to her and it became clear that she was on a mission to spread the good word of sustenance, of Cibus… she was on… a Cibus Mission.
We believe in Cibus. We want Cibus in everyone’s lives in all ways possible. You don’t believe in Cibus? No worries! Cibus believes in You! Together we can provide sustenance for those who need it, be it at a mental, emotional or physical level.
We believe Cibus provides sustenance in all ways, Spiritual, Mental, Physical to all who believe in it. Although some might choose not to believe in the power of Cibus, we believe that Cibus is in everything that provides and supports the individuals very life. Our church, the Cibus Mission, goes out to prove this to be so, by empowering lives through the power of Cibus.
We believe that Cibus provides life for all always. We look to make Cibus available for all. Some people might say they do not believe in Cibus, but we believe that everyone received the power of Cibus and it is our mission to show them.
Our belief is a form of Syncretism which includes teachings from Christianism, Judaism, Muslims, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Buddhism and others that all have great teachings that we should all learn from.

Where we believe that Cibus was there from the dawn of time. From the very first point of energy needed to survive and thrive. Although most have not heard of Cibus, it exists all throughout the world and in our everyday life.
We look at the scriptures of the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, the Tipitaka as well as works from Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and others for answers to everyday questions and everyday conflicts.
In January of 2021, Denise Cintron founded the Cibus Mission, discovered when she decided to give from her garden as well as sweets and other foods and receive the happiness from others through the power of Cibus. Here is where she finally understood that Cibus is always with us.

We value motherhood. We believe a mother decides when they are a mother, all humans have a right to their own bodies. Adoption is just another way for a mother to become a mother as is In Vitro Fertilization or other advanced in technology that help mothers acheive their goal of motherhood. The moment of their joyous announcement to our congregation is the moment we start the long road of motherhood together in the Cibus Community. When a member of Cibus Mission gives birth, the life is considered a new member of Cibus and we hold a small ceremony to commemorate this during the end of the first year of life, we call this the Communal Baptism.

We want members to receive a Communal Baptism as often as every month where the member is submersed (be it fully or partially) in water for a short amount of time. Afterwards we have a celebratory meal. Life needs Cibus and as such we encourage members to provide nutrients and support, directly to the family, this can be in the form of emotional, material, physical, or spiritual support during the first year of life before the ceremony. And even after the first year of life, there are always moments in our lives where we need the community to help as a good and healthy family would do.

Worship and Proselytising
Our manner of worship, we have named, “Active Worshipping” whereby members do activities while pondering about Cibus. We call our literature and our history book: The Cibal.
Our worship takes place online or in person, we can have more personalized visits if you or a loved one is going through a difficult time and need encouragement and the community as a whole to help you go through the crisis at hand. When we take time for our mental health in the physical, spiritual or mindfulness (which can be in the form of meditation or seeking professional guidance) to receive happiness and healing from Cibus. Donating is also a form of worship. We receive Cibus when we feed, clothe or care for ourselves, our friends, our family or others.
We give back to Cibus when we donate. This can be done within our own homes or at a congregation of Cibus missionaries. We are worshipping Cibus when we receive nourishment for the at a mental, physical or emotional state and we are educating others on Cibus through action.
If you would like to a copy of the Cibal please email us directly.

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