Become Ordained Online and Officiate Weddings in Beautiful Pennsylvania!

Can you get ordained online with Cibus Mission? Yes! Do you have any Featured officiants in Pennsylvania? Yes! Can I become a featured Cibus Mission Officiant? Yes!

This will take you to Zeffy a payment platform for nonprofits to continue their charity work with the help of your contributions. It explains the prices for each package: $20 PDF certification & letter of good standing (credentials) only, $30 includes also: Featured Photo on Website and Facebook Group, $40 includes also: mailed credentials.

Next, contact the office of your local marriage authority (typically your county clerk in Pennsylvania). Let them know that you are a ordained minister with Cibus Mission in Maryland and ask them what information they will require of you, to officiate a marriage in Pennsylvania. Most clerks and governing agencies may require that you present them with a copy of your ordination record.

In Pennsylvania, the relevant law regarding ministers and weddings is found in the Pennsylvania Statutes, Title 23, Chapter 15, Section 1503. This section outlines who is authorized to solemnize marriages in the state. According to this law:

  • A minister, priest, rabbi, or other ordained clergyman of any regularly established church or congregation is authorized to perform marriages.
  • Judges, including district judges, senior judges, and justices of the peace, are also authorized to solemnize marriages.

It’s important to note that Pennsylvania law does not specifically address online ordination. However, the general practice in many states, including Pennsylvania, is to recognize marriages performed by ministers ordained online by organizations that are considered legitimate and regularly established.

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