Online Ordination for Wedding Officiants in California: Easy Certification Process

According to California Law § 400, marriage is considered a civil contract rather than a religious one. Therefore, anyone authorized to do so, such as a priest, minister, rabbi, or other authorized person of a religious denomination who is 18 years of age or older, can solemnize a marriage. It’s important to note that these authorized individuals are not obligated to solemnize a marriage that goes against their religious beliefs. Additionally, any refusal to solemnize a marriage under these circumstances, whether by an individual or a religious denomination, will not impact the tax-exempt status of any entity. Cibus Mission can provide online ordination for those interested in becoming authorized to solemnize marriages.

California offers a plethora of stunning venues for weddings. Here are some popular and beautiful options:

  1. Big Sur: Known for its dramatic coastline views and rugged terrain, Big Sur offers several stunning venues for outdoor weddings with breathtaking ocean backdrops.
  2. Napa Valley and Sonoma: These wine country regions are famous for their vineyards and wineries, which provide a picturesque setting for romantic and elegant weddings.
  3. San Francisco: The city offers a variety of venues, from historic buildings to modern event spaces, with iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.
  4. Santa Barbara: With its Spanish-inspired architecture, palm-lined beaches, and mountain views, Santa Barbara offers a romantic setting for weddings.
  5. Lake Tahoe: This alpine lake on the California-Nevada border provides a scenic backdrop for weddings, especially during the summer and fall months.
  6. Malibu: Known for its stunning beaches and coastal cliffs, Malibu offers several beachfront and ocean-view venues for weddings.
  7. Palm Springs: This desert oasis offers a unique setting with its mid-century modern architecture, palm trees, and mountain views.

These are just a few of the many beautiful wedding venues California has to offer. Each location offers its own unique charm and can be tailored to fit a variety of wedding styles and preferences.

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