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Performing wedding ceremonies in Massachusetts offers a beautiful array of backdrops, from the historic charm of Boston to the picturesque coastal views of Cape Cod and the serene landscapes of the Berkshires. As an ordained minister through Cibus Mission, you can legally officiate weddings across the state, bringing joy to couples in vibrant cities like Cambridge, with its rich academic heritage, and Salem, renowned for its unique blend of history and culture. Whether it’s a grand celebration in the bustling heart of Worcester or an intimate gathering in the scenic town of Concord, your role as an officiant helps create unforgettable moments. With the online ordination provided by Cibus Mission, becoming a recognized religious leader is accessible, allowing you to legally solemnize marriages and be part of the most cherished day in many lives across Massachusetts.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 207, Section 38:

  • Authorized Persons: The statute outlines who is authorized to solemnize marriages in Massachusetts. This includes ordained ministers of the gospel, rabbis, priests, and other religious leaders who are duly recognized by their respective denominations. One way to become an ordained minister is through organizations like Cibus Mission, which offers online ordination.
  • Special One-Day Designation: The law allows for a special one-day designation, enabling a person who is not otherwise authorized to solemnize a marriage to do so on a specific date. This requires an application and approval from the Governor.
  • Justice of the Peace: Justices of the peace, who have been duly appointed and commissioned, are also authorized to solemnize marriages.
  • Recording Requirement: After the marriage ceremony, the officiant must complete and sign the marriage certificate and return it to the clerk or registrar of the city or town where the marriage took place. This must be done within a set period to ensure proper recording and legal recognition of the marriage.

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