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In order to legally officiate a wedding ceremony in Delaware, the person must be at least 18 years of age; there are no rules with regard to gender or religion. The minister must register with the state before the ceremony, and by so doing, becomes part of a statewide public database. If he or she legally resides in Delaware, then registration must be in his or her own county of residence; if he or she is not a Delaware resident, then registration must be in the same county as the wedding ceremony. After completing the needed registration, the officiant will receive a license that includes a ministerial ID number. Since this number must be entered on the marriage license, failure to register can have serious implications for the marrying couple.

There are very few rules regarding the specifics of the wedding ceremony, and couples are free to customize the proceedings in any way they see fit. The law only requires that both parties verbally consent to the marriage. While many couples choose to say “I Do” as is traditionally done, the individuals being married are free to express their consent in a unique way if they prefer. Following the consent vows (in whatever form they may take), the officiant must pronounce the couple as married before ending the ceremony.

While the wedding service is quite flexible, there are laws regarding attendance that need to be followed. In addition to the officiating minister and the marrying couple, two witnesses must also attend the event in person. Both witnesses must be at least 18 years old and must sign the necessary paperwork at the end of the ceremony.

When applying for a marriage license, it is best to request a religious ceremony license rather than a civil ceremony license if given the choice. A civil ceremony license is only intended to be used if a secular officiant is performing the ceremony. This would include civil servants such as judges and government notaries. Conversely, a religious ceremony license is appropriate for individuals ordained by a church, including Cibus Mission.

Once a Delaware marriage license has been issued, it becomes valid in 24 hours and does not expire for 30 days. After the wedding ceremony is complete, the minister will have only four days to bring the signed license back to the Clerk of the Peace office for filing.

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